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Red & Black: a new Les Mis

Ever since performing in a children's theatre production of Les Miserables during the Baltimore Uprising Sheridan has wanted to explore the themes of the Victor Hugo novel in a way that resonates clearly with contemporary society. She knew Nick Hatcher would be the perfect collaborator for this project, and they began conceiving a new piece.

Red & Black is a contemporary musical inspired by the novel Les Miserables, bringing the themes of police brutality, queerness, and misogyny to the surface of a story that too often is romanticized instead of analyzed. Developed with the ensemble based on their personal experiences, Red & Black is a musical collage which centers the complexities of community and intersectionality.

Produced by the UArts Democrats and funded by the Corzo Center Impact Grant, Red & Black had a successful first run in April. They hope to continue developing the piece in the near future.

Creative collaborators include Courtney Bird, Hallie Nowicki, Hannah Sattazahn, Mae Waldron, Lydia Williams, Steven Gross, David Thomas, and the current cast and crew. Photo by Cass Meehan.

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