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My name is Sheridan Merrick, and I’m a theatre and film artist currently based out of Philadelphia. I received my BFA in Musical Theatre in 2019 from the University of the Arts, where I discovered that I am a maker. Through the pandemic I discovered that I am a maker not only of theatre and music, but also of film.

I’m interested in art-making that takes its role in this burning world seriously. Toni Cade Bambara once said, “the role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible.” I believe that there are two main avenues through which this can be achieved. One is to, as Nina Simone once said, “reflect the times” -- to hold a mirror to the present moment and those living in it. The other is to inspire better times; to envision utopia so that we might one day create it. To reflect, to inspire, to engage -- these are my callings as an artist, and the foundation of the work I do.

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